Installation Guide for Mirakl Connector App in BigCommerce


Go to the ‘Mirakl Connector’ BigCommerce page and click on “Get this App” button. A page will open where you can click “Install”. Click on the confirm button and wait for the RC Mirakl Connector - Seller App to get installed.

Integration Steps for App:

  1. Login into your BigCommerce Admin Panel.

  2. Go to the ‘Mirakl Connector’ BigCommerce App page and click on Get this App button.

  3. A page will open, where you can click on Install.

  4. Click on the Confirm button.

  5. Please wait for the ‘Mirakl Connector’ App to get installed. Once the app is installed, you will see the ‘Mirakl and BC Configuration Form.’

  6. Get the Mirakl Credentials (i.e., Mirakl API URL and Front API key) and enter the credentials in their respective input boxes and click the Connection Check button.

  7. Once your connection is validated successfully, then click on the Save Credentials button.

  8. Once the credentials are saved you should see RC Mirakl Connector - Seller App Dashboard page.

Note: All the other Installation guide and User guide details will be available inside the App Dashboard screen.